Anouck De Reu

Who is Anouck De Reu?  

21 year old future criminologist with a slightly sick passion for coffee, that I feed by working in a coffee bar (Koffie Onan) in Leuven, Belgium. I fight for what I want and I don’t give up, but don’t worry I also suffer from vast amounts of stress that lead to chaotic and clumsy moments. My empathic conscious makes me want to do good by other people where I fill up my agenda to the point of no return. I am an open person, from things that make me happy (like joining the Coffee Mixologist competition) to doing things other people like doing (occassional nights out). If you see me with a red face it is because I have said or done something embarrassing, but that’s normal when you are me. My moments of relaxation and my cure to stress is coffee. Whether it is blogging about it (ApAssion) , learning extra about it’s effects on our brain, or just sipping it in my room.

What’s your best childhood memory?

The times I went to visit my adventurous and free living aunt and uncle, in the Azores. I remember sitting and big marine fishing with my uncle and enjoying the sunshine for two months. We would sit on the boat, tan, spot dolphins, have no worries, no obligations but being happy. Her three dogs were my main source of excitement and entertainment, but I remember cruising in the trailer wagon. Sadly, since my uncle’s passing, we no longer visit the Azores but it is on my bucket list.


If you had a chance for a do-over, what would you do differently?

Do-over in life? Isn’t my life just beginning?

What do you feel most proud of?

I feel most proud of all the accomplishments I have made around my passion, coffee. I need to step back at times and double take to see how I can combine this with my studies. Also being a strong person that doesn’t allow others to define her is a trait that I am most proud of.


If you could have only 3 possessions, what would they be and why?

Oh my, how do I put this…. My baby blanket? I spent many a restless night without it and I cannot fall asleep without having it in my arms. A second possession of mine would be my cat. Migol, has been in my life for 15 years and has been waiting at the door for me ever since I went to primary school. It may seem odd, and crazy but I feel like she understands me. After a difficult day, it is always and only Migol who can bring me back to a calm state. The third and last object would be my vast collection of coffee beans. There is no Anouck without coffee.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

The people that I leave behind can decide what will be on my tombstone. It’s their memories and their lives that go on, so why not let them choose the quote that reminds them of me?


What is ApAssion?

What started off as a brainstorm session with my cousin turned into reality. We both have our own interests and styles but wanted to do something together. I write about, surprise surprise, coffee and she writes fashion ideas and blogs. I give people advice on where to drink, what to drink, interesting facts (about the effects on your body), the different ways to make coffee (V60 for example), the options and posts are endless. It is made for people who are interested in coffee and/ or fashion. We want to broaden their knowledge in a fun loving way. But most importantly our blog is about doing and channelling what we love.

What’s your favourite kind of coffee?

I love v60 made coffees, because it makes a fresh and soft coffee with a nice tang and kick in it. I am a huge advocate of fair and direct trade. The farmers are one with their product, it is not something made for mass consumption but is made with care and certification of quality. They know their skills and this, in my eyes, can be tasted in the coffee. South American coffees, more specifically from El Salvador and Brazil are my favourite. Mexico also has a nice bean.

Every morning I drink a normal black filter coffee and around four I love to indulge in a basic foamy cappuccino.


In which coffee shops are we most likely to find you?

Everyone who knows me could answer this question without hesitation: Koffie Onan in Leuven. Their way of serving their coffee with so much love and passion has yet to be topped by any other coffee shop I have ever been to. They are driven by their coffee, they want to show you that there is more to their product than just sipping and the caffeine. I have also worked there since June 2016 and I can tell you, this is no product placement. This is pure honesty.

When I travel I make it my obligation to find the best and the most quality coffee shop. When I was in Berlin I passed by multiple good coffee shops, but the Visit Coffee surprised me with the knowledge of their coffee beans and where they roast them.

What does a perfect day look like?

A day without worries, a productive day, full of fun and enjoyable activities. Even working would be a perfect day, but without stress and without issues. A day where I can enjoy my filter coffee in the morning, look outside at the sunshine and starting my day on the right foot. A day where at the end of it, you lay in your bed and think: “I had a productive and good day, I did my part for our society”.

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