Kevin Clark

Who is Kevin Clark?

I am a husband of a beautiful wife, father of an amazing son, lover of life, crazy about coffee and a man of God through life.

What is your best childhood memory?

This is a tough one! I’ll have to go soppy on this one. It might be the time we went to Disney world and I did this show/experience (they were teleporting aliens) with my dad, I landed up being terrified the whole way through while my dad laughed but it was in that moment I knew my dad was my protector and I could trust him or it could be one of the many road trips as a family going away for Christmas with a packed car and the empty Karoo.

If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

I’m not sure I want to do anything over again, I mean there are many things I wish I hadn’t said or done but all of my mistakes or slip ups have made who I am and I have learnt from them. I’m not proud of some things but someone once said “we are the sum total of our past experiences”. I think that’s true. Gun to my head answer, I would like to have done better, I may say school, I would have liked to have done better, so that I can spell now as an adult!

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What do you feel most proud of?

My family. My whole family, we all are involved in a non-profit of sorts and we are all making a deference in people’s lives, or I hope we are. I love what we stand for and I’m proud of how they are trying to change the world around them. When I say my family I’m talking about my parents, sister and my wife.

If you could only keep three possessions, what would they be and why?

A watch, bible and knife. All practical and can be used for any problem in life. Time to run, spiritual and time to eat! Haha!

What do you want your tombstone to say?

Here lies Kevin Clark. He lived out his purpose, glorified God, loved his family and left a lasting mark on this planet.

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What is Vintage Coffee?

We are a volunteer based organization making the best coffee we can to benefit our city. We make coffee and donate our profits to a different non profit organization every month. One cup at a time people are making a difference.

We are a family and believe in doing things with excellence but having fun doing it. We also eat together a lot.

What’s your favorite kind of coffee, brew method or coffee origin?

At home a pour over is my go to, but a Chemex is by far my favorite. I don’t have one region that I prefer but I do like a coffee that has a sweet candy taste to it, like speckled eggs from woolies! My best. But if my drink is going to have milk in it, then a double restreto cappuccino.

In which coffee shops are we likely to bump into you?

Bean There, I seem to work too much to go anywhere.

FullSizeRender 37

What does a perfect day look like?

A great day starts with a pour over then a tasty breakfast that I didn’t make (going to a breakfast spot) then maybe some pool time and a nap on the couch. To round up the perfect day would be to have friends over and have a good old braai with some Brazilian flavor (my wife is from Brazil) steak and beer is always a good end to the day.

All images from Kevin’s Instagram page. Also check out the post we did about Vintage Coffee here.

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